If you've been following the House Addicts team, it may seem like selling homes for top dollar is jut another day at the office for us.  But that doesn't happen by accident. If you want buyers to fall in love with your home we first have to show them the reasons YOU loved it - then leave the rest to us.  Here's how we do it:


Today's technology makes it easier than ever for consumers to see every detail about your home for sale from the comfort of their computer or tablet.  As Realtors, we put your home in MLS and blast it to every search portal on the internet, making it visible to every buyer in the marketplace.  

Unfortunately, this autonomy for buyers makes it more difficult than ever to distinguish one home from another.  After seeing more than a handful, they all seem to look the same. 

At House Addicts  we want our listings to stand out from the crowd, be memorable.  So we decided to keep pushing, taking our marketing plan beyond expectation. 

The result? Homes that sell faster than our competition and for more money.  That is what you want, right? The most amount of money in the least amount of time?

Here's a basic rundown of how we do it.


Over 98% of home buyers in today's market will begin their home search online. They are most likely comparing your home to several others on a website like Zillow, or through their online portal provided by their real estate agent.  

At House Addicts  we have set a new standard in real estate marketing - providing unmatched image quality, consistency, and value to our clients. Most importantly, our images generate the results you’re looking for. Using a proprietary HDRealTM imaging system, we produce consistently vivid and beautiful images that are proven to result in more listings, more showings, and faster sales.

IMMERSIVE 3D WALKING TOUR (Because Virtual Tours are so 2005)

(Click on the circles to tour the home in Full 3D Motion!)

Imagine the ability to view your home room by room, with 360 degree views from the comfort of any desktop, tablet or smart phone.

Whether our potential buyer is blocks away or in another country, this is exactly the experience House Addicts is able to bring to your home for sale.  3D homes tours will create an immediate, lasting impression amongst homebuyers because they are able to tour your home as if they were right there walking it in person. Every room, every hallway, every closet... no stone is unturned.

3D showcase are easy to share from any device...making your open house available at the touch of a button 24 hours a day.


Our distinctive print marketing provides unparalleled marketing advantages for our clients. One of our first initiatives will be creating a property brochure for your home. This brochure commands the attention of buyers, and tells the story of your home through professional photography and a a compelling narrative.


Have you ever gone online and looked at  a new pair of shoes,  then suddenly that pair of shoes is following you everywhere? They're showing up on your Facebook feed, when you check the weather, heck those shoes are even right there as you pay your utility bill online.

That's exactly what we make happen with your home for sale.  

Our ads follow the potential buyer everywhere they go to be sure sure they don't forget about the home they loved online. 


Over 1 billion people access a social media network at least one time per day.  Over 95% of those users are outside of the United States.  Our social media marketing strategy allows us unprecedented access to a global networks of buyers at the touch of a button.  Through photography, videos, and targeted marketing, we are able to pinpoint the buyers most likely to purchase your home based on interests, buying habits, and income.

Over a period of just 2 years our Facebook Ads have been seen more than 1,000,000 time. YES! We said a MILLION times!

We understand people don't go on Facebook to buy a home. But, we know people on Facebook are buying homes!

Check out our House Addicts Facebook page to see what all the hype is about!


The cornerstone of the House Addicts marketing strategy is our unique outbound telephone marketing strategy.  Through our data networks, we are able to call upon potential buyers who are excellent candidates for the purchase of your home. In short, we don't wait for Buyers to find us...we find them.  

The House Addicts team has access to the relocation departments of over 200 national companies who currently have employees moving to the Denver area.  By providing proactive marketing, House Addicts reaches the next level of buyers who have not yet begun their search for a new home in Denver.


But what you really want to know is...does all of this even make a difference?


More than 85% of our listings have sold in the first week. But most importantly, we are consistently selling our listings for top dollar. In 2016 we set numerous neighborhood records for highest price per square foot. 


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